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Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).

What is Accucadd?

Accucadd is used for making drawings. You can use it for whimsical drawings like this parrot, and for detailed scale engineering drawings, like the screw jack, below.

Accucadd is as easy to use as a paint program (such as Microsoft Paint, included with Windows). But Accucadd is much more than just a paint program!


Screw Jack Drawing

Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).


How will it help me?

Accucadd is a drawing program. When we say this we mean that you can draw things precisely. Straight lines are not only perfectly straight; they are exactly the right length. And they can be perfectly vertical or perfectly horizontal-or any other angle you would like. Circles are truly circular-not rounded boxes or ovals-and they have a precise diameter. Add to this perfectly precise arcs, curves, and so on and you have the drawing tool you always wanted.


Rocker Drawing

Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).


What does this mean to me?

You use Accucadd anytime you would draw on squared paper (or graph paper), or anytime you would use a ruler or other measure.

Use it to do room layouts from bathrooms to factory floors-Accucadd makes drawing to scale a snap.

Or use it to design that device for stopping flags from tangling...you know, the one you always wanted to patent.

Or use it for home remodeling-you will make professional grade drawings that will impress any planning board.


House Composite Drawing

Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).


What else do I need?


Unlike many other systems, Accucadd does not require expensive and special purpose input and output devices. You don't need a digitizing tablet, and you don't have to learn how to use digitizer overlays. Accucadd was designed to work with the mouse and printer you are already familiar with. Its scale drawing feature makes it easy to draw a 10,000 square foot warehouse and print it out on letter size paper.


Crown wheel & pinion

Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).

But I'll need lots of training, right?


You're probably thinking  of those drawing programs where you need to take three 30 hour courses at your local college before you can use them. Accucadd was designed to be easy to learn and to use. We have thousands of examples where Accucadd was introduced to 8th grade students and, within one period, they were making high quality drawings!



Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).

About these drawings

All these drawings were made using Accucadd, or previous versions of the same product. 

Both the parrot and the screw jack were originally drawn more than 15 years ago with our Apple ][ based RoboCAD. Those drawings, still usable today, were colored using Accucadd.

The valve actuator is a real drawing of a rocker arm (from a Caterpillar Diesel). Making this drawing is part of the Accucadd Tutorial.

The house plan is an actual drawing from a European client. The dimensions are meters (in case you look and wonder why the house is so small!).

The circuit diagram is, once more, an actual production drawing. It is for a prototype liquid level indicator. It was drawn using a 0.1 in grid in much the same way as you might have drawn it by hand on 1/4 in squared paper. The higher resolution available with Accucadd permits the use of a 0.1 in grid, thus getting six times as much drawing on a letter-size sheet.


Click on the picture for a printable version ( PDF).

Time savings...

The floor plan, left, is an example of time saving with Accucadd. The section of the house was copied from the composite drawing, above. All the furniture came from the library supplied with Accucadd. Because of Accucadd's automatic scale capabilities, the furniture symbols are correctly sized on the house drawing-automatically. This is true even though the house was drawn in Europe using metric scales, and the furniture drawn in the USA using inch scales. Cutting and pasting the house, adding the furniture, and editing took exactly eight minutes.

How did we put Accucadd drawings on this web page?

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